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Solar Panels

American Solar Pros uses a wide range of solar panels. There are many choices in technology and in manufacturers, but we focus on stable, reliable technologies, and strive to maintain relationships with manufacturers that you can trust. Today, Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline technologies are the most reliable, most tested, and best value per watt of any material on the market.

Sharp Solar Panel Sanyo Solar Panel Evergreen Solar panel
Highly Reliable
Solar electricity has been in use for more than 50 years and is proven to be highly dependable. Unlike other methods used to generate electricity, solar doesn’t rely on moving parts that can wear out. The Solar panels that American Solar Pro uses come with a 25-year limited warranty on power output.

Low Maintenance
Occasionally, a solar array should be rinsed off with a hose to clear the dust or debris that blocks sunlight and reduces efficiency. That’s about all that’s required.

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