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Why go with solar energy?

Enjoy free clean renewable energy from Solar Photovoltaic Systems!

American Solar Pros makes it easy to protect yourself from rising electricity rates and make a difference for the environment by helping you use solar power to generate clean electricity for your home. By using solar power you will:

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  • Decrease Your Harmful Environmental Impact – generating your own clean electricity from the sun helps avoid the polluting emissions associated with fossil fuel-generated electricity (such as coal, oil, and natural gas)
  • Save Money – Lower your electric bills or eliminate them entirely by generating your own power using solar panels.
    Increase Your Home’s Value up to $20,000 for every $1,000 in annual utility savings.

  • Qualify For Rebates and Tax Credits – federal tax credits and local and state rebates (in some areas) can pay for up to 50% of your system’s cost.

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Solar Electric Systems are Simple, Durable, and Long Lasting

Since a solar electric system is a valuable home improvement and a smart investment in the future, we design our systems to be simple to Own and Operate – Our fully automated solar photovoltaic systems have no moving parts and require almost no maintenance. And since they integrate seamlessly with existing electrical and mechanical systems, once your system is installed all you have to do is flip a switch to start generating electricity.
How a solar system works

How does SOLAR work?

Our Grid-tie solar power systems are perfect for reducing your monthly electric bill. You’ll actually become a mini power company selling power back to your utility company while the sun is shining.

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system converts energy from sunlight into electricity to power your home. The solar photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into DC power, which goes into an inverter, which then converts the DC into AC power, and is tied into the electric utility grid supplying excess power into the grid. If you produce more than you need, your meter will spin backwards and you will receive credits from the utility company for you to use later, and that feels great!

Why American Solar Pros?

  • We make the installation of a solar power system easy. We handle all the permits and paperwork for you.
  • We even apply the state rebate incentives in advance to immediately reduce the system cost. You apply the federal rebates when you file your annual tax return.4
  • American Solar Pros have over 20+ years of experience installing solar systems on homes just like yours.

Aren’t you tired of paying high utility costs?

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Start now by turning sunshine into savings™.

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